About Us

CEO Netweavers (CEON) is a nonprofit organization consisting of a community of current and past CEO’s, C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs committed to freely sharing knowledge, skills and developing trusted relationships. The pillars of the organization are based on transforming business and enriching lives through Paying-it Forward, in addition to our servant leadership and support of each other. Our mission is to place the needs of others first.

We Pay-it Forward by using our experience and expertise in several ways. Our Inflection Point program gives a business leader access to CEON members to solve problems and attain new growth. We also serve as mentors to Executive MBA students and work with K-12 students to inspire young entrepreneurs. We are inclusive in our approach, seeking to ensure diversity and equality in all that we do to help the broadest community of people. Every member joins the group to help others succeed.

We are privileged to have Bob Littell, author, and originator of the term Netweaving, as a founding member and contributor to both the Atlanta and Houston Chapters . Bob generously gave the rights to use the term Netweavers to promote a Pay-it-Forward culture.