Practices and Policies for Communicating and Exchanging Information Among Members

The CEO Netweavers Brand epitomizes integrity and trust, helping others first, and servant leadership. For those reasons it is priceless. Every Member shares a duty and care responsibility to protect our brand and the values of our organization across the myriad of ways we communicate and exchange information. CEO Netweavers has a set of written policies to guide us.

The primary areas of concern that these policies address and seek to avoid are:

  • Comments or language considered unprofessional, harassment, biased or unethical
  • Use of these resources to overtly promote one’s own business or other interests
  • Undermining CEO Netweavers reputation for trust and integrity through a violation of confidentiality, copyright or intellectual property privileges
  • Implied association, criticism or endorsement by CEO Netweavers of any political or religious individual or initiative.

We live in a time where one comment can erupt into a firestorm in a matter of minutes, where we are moving so fast that we may not pause to think about the consequences, and where damage can be done in seconds yet take years to repair. We also live in an era where CEO’s understand that risk management is a very important topic. Please help us by always keeping three basic policies in mind:

Information Policy – Our Members provide personal information to get to know and help others – through conversation and through our CEO Netweavers roster. It is strictly confidential within our organization, and not intended for business development or solicitation for any cause. We also enjoy a trusted community where we can freely discuss business issues. Inappropriate use by Members or distribution to anyone not a Member is not acceptable.

Mutual Respect and Professional Behavior Policy – Speak in the first person, add value, be thoughtful about how you present yourself. Avoid any language that can be considered harassment, unethical, unprofessional or socially improper.

Web and Social Networking Policy – Any social networking site utilizing the CEO Netweavers logo and brand must publish and adhere to these policies, and use must be limited to CEO Netweaver and Netweaver Partner Members in good standing. Administrative Control must be ceded to CEO Netweavers to insure compliance on both points.

CEO Netweavers reserves the right to immediately remove or alter any information not consistent with these policies, to disable a Member’s access to the CEO Netweaver website and any social networking platform utilizing the CEO Netweaver brand, and to discontinue the membership of the individual for serious or repeat violations of these policies.


Dated: January 10, 2017, v1