CEO Netweavers Inflection Point Application to Participate

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  • Company Overview

  • CEO Netweavers (CEON) Inflection Point (IP) Program Information

    • The fundamental purpose of the IP Program is to provide guidance and suggested approaches to participating companies to help them address the various issues they face in starting, running, and growing their operations.
    • The program is free and provided by CEON as a “Pay It Forward” service to the business community.
    • None of the advisors expect any compensation for their involvement.
    • The Company may wish to form a relationship with any of the CEON panel members after the end of the IP program. Any such arrangements are solely between the Company and the CEON panelist.
    • CEO of the Company is expected to attend all IP meetings, optionally accompanied by one other key executive. Meetings will be postponed if CEO cannot attend.