CEO Netweavers – Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of CEO Netweavers FAQ’s is to help frame clearly why our organization exists and what it envisions to be.  The Questions and Answers are designed to bring clarity around the community we are trying to create, who our members are and why we engage in the activities we engage in together.

The Organization:

What is the vision and mission of CEO Netweavers?

CEO Netweavers desires to be the “go to” organization for current and former CEO’s to freely share their relationships, knowledge, skills with the metro Atlanta business community while cultivating trusted relationships.

CEO Netweavers’ mission is to develop trusted relationship among its members and actively engage in the business community as servant leaders We do this through outreach programs that help the business community as well as programs that help each other as we grow and expand our businesses.


  • Grow membership and diversity of membership (age, gender, ethnicity)
  • Gain more visibility of CEON and what we offer to the Atlanta business community
  • Increase member engagement and number of participants served in each outreach program
  • Hold more events to build community among members
What do we mean by Trusted Advisor?

A “Trusted Advisor” is a leader in their field, routinely operating and having significant relationships at a sustained level of interaction as high quality service providers to CEOs, Board Directors and Division Presidents. Trusted Advisors are sponsored for membership by a CEO member of Netweavers and must share/demonstrate a “Pay it Forward” and servant leadership orientation –bedrocks to our organization.

How does CEO Netweavers fulfill its Vision/Mission?

CEO Netweavers members actively engage in outreach programs that help the business community as well as programs that help each other. Currently these programs include:

  • Featured speakers at our monthly meetings
  • Member volunteer opportunities for our Inflection Point program
  • Member volunteer mentoring opportunities in conjunction with EMBA students at Kennesaw State and Georgia Tech
  • Executive Symposium to the business community
  • Quarterly small group CEO lunch exchanges
  • Quarterly CEO Roundtables
What are our Values?

Servant Leadership

  • A philosophy and set of practices that enrich the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world;
  • The emphasis is on the needs of others first;
  • Traits include empathy, listening stewardship, commitment to actively encouraging and serving others.

Netweaving/Pay It Forward

  • “Pay It Forward” is an approach that builds bridges of trust by listening and actively engaging in helping others with no expectation that doing so will result in a personal benefit. It is the proactive facilitation of sharing ideas, information, relationships and experiences to help others first;
  • Netweaving is a “Pay It Forward” activity and represents a specific set of skills which focus on connecting people and supplying them with resources which they or others in their trusted network are willing to provide;
  • Netweaving is a characteristic of a Servant Leader.

Trusted Relationships are built on mutual respect and based upon the authentic and accountable connections of individuals, personal integrity, confidentiality, candor and self-respect. In a professional setting the individuals in these trusted relationships:

  • Are expected to open their lives more fully to others;
  • Are willing to seek out each other’s company rather than to interact only because of practical convenience or necessity;
  • Become motivated by a sense that the benefits one partner offers are offered without expectation of receiving something in return;
  • Expect that the relationship itself generates a true sense of reward.


What are the criteria for becoming a member of CEO Netweavers?

Foundational Requirements

  • Demonstrated Servant Leadership evidenced by breadth and depth of civic, educational, religious, or other pay-it-forward activities, preferably in a leadership capacity
  • Statement of Active Engagement
  • Sponsored for membership by a member of CEO Netweavers

Additional Business Requirements for CEO Members (Any one of below)

  • Active CEO of a company with minimum $3M in revenue AND a fiduciary board of directors
  • CEO or Executive Director of a Not-For-Profit with annual revenues of $2.5m (includes civic leaders, College/University President or Dean)
  • Board of Director members with fiduciary responsibilities for a public company or private company with $50M annual revenues or more
  • Current direct report to enterprise CEO with full P&L within $100M+ annual revenue company
  • Military service as a flag officer or other major command
  • Former CEO at company with minimum $10M annual revenue

 Additional Business Requirement for Trusted Advisor Members

  • Partner, Managing Partner, Managing Director routinely operating and having significant relationships and interaction as a high-quality service provider to the Board of Directors, CEO’s, and Division Presidents

 Note: Existing members in good standing are grandfathered.

    What is the process for nominating and how long does it take to become a member of CEO Netweavers?

    Once a candidate submits his/her application, the timeline is approximately 30 days to vet and interview. The membership process is as follows:

    • The candidate is invited to attend up to two (2) monthly meetings to get a feel for our organization before applying for membership;
    • The CEO Netweavers member who invited the potential candidate and a member of the membership Committee discuss the candidate’s membership criteria and interest in our organization;
    • If the CEON member (sponsor) recommends the candidate for membership, the sponsor or a member of the Membership Committee provides the candidate the membership application link to apply;
    • The candidate completes the application, which is then reviewed by the Membership Committee against our stated criteria.  If the candidate meets the criteria, then two interviews are set up with the candidate:  one with a member of the Membership Committee and one with a member of the Operating Committee;
    • The Executive Director and the membership Committee Chair review the interview results and follow-up with the candidate or sponsor if further clarification is needed;
    • The interview results are reviewed with the entire membership committee and a decision is made on whether or not to recommend the candidate for membership;
    • If the Membership Committee supports extending an invitation to join, the Chair of the Membership Committee recommends the candidate for membership at the next Operating Committee meeting;
    • If the candidate does not meet the criteria outlined for membership, the Membership Committee Chair will discuss with the CEO member (sponsor) and the decision is then communicated to the candidate.
    What are the different ways I can get more involved as a CEON member and who do I contact?

    There are many ways to get involved:

    • Monthly Membership Meetings
    • CEO Inflection Point Panels
    • KSU Mentorship Program (KSU/GT)
    • CEO Roundtable
    • Committee Membership
    • Operating committee Attendance (Meetings are open to all members)
    • Operating Committee Member

    Please contact the respective Committee Chair, our Executive Director, Pat Hurston, or our President. If you are interested in serving on the Operating Committee, please contact our Governance Committee.

    Operating Committee:

    What is the role of the Operating Committee and who is on it?

    The role of the Operating Committee is to ensure the vision and mission of the organization is being fulfilled. That includes:

    • Quality Monthly Speaker Program
    • Effective Membership Identification Process
    • High Impact Outreach Programs
      • CEO Inflection Point
      • EMBA Mentorship Program (KSU/GT)
      • CEO Investment Coaching
    • High Impact Programs for Members
      • CEO Roundtables

    The current Operating Committee members are:

    President : Chris Ruttle
    President-Elect : Pat Falotico
    Past President : Mark Bachmann
    Treasurer : Brad Jay


    Membership Committee Chair : Paulette Corbin
    Program Committee Chair : Kurt Uhlir
    CEO Inflection Point : Zahir Ladhani
    Sponsorship Committee Chair : Sam Divine 
    Marketing and Media Chair : Scott Scredon
    Mentoring Chair : Dave Walens/Barry Robbins
    Nominating Committee & Governance Committee Chair : Mark Bachmann
    Nominating Committee & Governance Member : Chris Ruttle
    : Pat Falotico
    : Jim Deupree
    : Pat Hurston


    How are Operating Committee members selected?

    The process is somewhat informal. If you are interested in serving on the Operating Committee please contact the President, President Elect or the Governance Committee Chair. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please contact the chairperson of that committee directly.

    Programs and Committees:

    What happens during the monthly membership meetings?

    The monthly meetings are held on the morning of the second Thursday of each month at the Capital Grille (Perimeter). These meetings provide time for connecting with fellow members as well as hearing from a speaker on a topical business subject.

    What is CEO Inflection Point (CEO-IP)?

    In the life of a business there are inflection points in which the direction of the organization can change. It is at these inflection points where CEO Netweavers can be most helpful. CEO-IP offers a structured, interactive environment in which business leaders receive an open exchange of strategic advice on a variety of topics from a panel of experienced and trusted professionals.

    Any member is able to nominate a company for the CEO-IP program. First the CEON member needs to explain to the company the purpose and mechanics of the meetings (3 or 4 meetings, at roughly 4 to 5 week intervals, with 6 or 7 highly experienced advisors). Second they need to ascertain that the company’s CEO will be a good listener and will openly and frankly discuss their business issues, consider and selectively follow the panel’s advice. Third, contact the Inflection Point Chairperson who will take over the vetting process.

    Virtually any “going concern” company can be eligible for the program. We prefer companies that have customers and revenue, but have worked with some pre-revenue companies. The program is not focused on entrepreneurs that are only in the “idea stage”.

    What are the KSU and the GT MBA Program?

    Through a co-developed program with Kennesaw State University and Georgia Tech Universities, CEO Netweavers members volunteer as mentors to second year KSU and GT MBA Students. Among other things, the MBA mentoring program provides each student with a trusted advisor who provides a long-term career perspective on topics selected by the student. Students and Mentors are carefully matched and meet regularly throughout the school year.

    All members have and are encouraged to participate in the KSU and/or GT mentor programs.

    What is the process to get on a committee?

    Express interest to the committee chair.  There is a need for more participation on several important committees and since leadership turns over every 12 to 24 months future leadership needs to be in place ready to take on more responsibility.


    What are the levels of sponsorship and how does a company become a sponsor?

    There are three sponsorship levels:

    • Gold – $5,000
    • Silver – $2,500
    • Inflection Point – $1,500

    Any company interested in becoming a sponsor should contact the Sponsorship Committee Chair or Pat Hurston for additional information.

    Bringing Guests:

    Is there a criterion for the type of guests I can bring?

    The goal is for guests to be potential members of our community.  As such it serves the community to invite guests that meet the criteria for membership.  Guests who are qualified to become members are allowed to come as a guest for a maximum of two meetings before being asked to join.  It is the responsibility of members not to invite the same guest more than two times.  On occasion members will invite non‐member guests to hear specific speakers.  This should be the exception.  Please let Pat Hurston know prior to inviting these guests.

    Are there any restriction on the number of guests I can bring and how often?

    There are no restrictions on the number of qualified guests you can bring as long as they are not invited more than twice before being asked to become members.

    Membership Fees and Organizational Finances:

    What are the major operating expenses of our organization and how our membership fees and sponsorship monies used?

    The organization has a healthy balance sheet and keeps enough cash reserves in order to ensure we can invest in the future. This includes things like investing in updating our website and expanding/adding new outreach programs. The primary ongoing expenses of CEO Netweavers are as follows:

    • Executive Director salary and expenses
    • Food and Supplies for CEO-IP meetings
    • Food for Annual Events for Members and New Members

    CEO Relationship with Internal & External Trusted Advisors

    CEO Relationship with Internal & External Trusted Advisors

    CEO Relationship with Internal & External Trusted Advisors