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CEO Inflection Point (CEO-IP) is one of the programs that underscore our commitment to the business community. At any point in the life of a business, there are inflection points in which the direction of the organization can or needs to change. It is at these inflection points where CEO Netweaver members can be most helpful. CEO-IP offers a structured, interactive environment in which a business leader meets with a group of CEO Netweavers serving as an advisory panel.  During these multiple sessions, the advisors and the company’s CEO openly exchange ideas to help the company address the obstacles that they are currently facing to help them grow and prosper.  The diversity of the almost fifty companies that have participated in the program and, without exception, their positive responses, demonstrate the value of the program to the business community.  This company diversity includes:

  • 57% focus on business-to-business, while 43% were focused on business to consumer
  • 74% provided services while 26% provided products
  • 78% had revenue while 22% were pre-revenue startups

The spectrum of companies varied from major enterprise quality assurance system testing to hunting clothing apparel.  In all cases, the fundamental issues that the companies faced fell into only seven issues.

The videos demonstrate through individual testimonials the value of this program.

“What can I say about the Inflection Point experience?  It was SO much more valuable than we had imagined! From the first session to the last, Jill and I were frantically capturing all the fantastic guidance we received from the panel.  This was immensely practical advice from seasoned executives who have been there, done that – advice that we could put to use immediately, with immediate improvement of customer pursuits and cash flow.  Our sincere appreciation to all the panel members who invested their time and effort to listen to our challenges and opportunities, and provided us with such outstanding guidance and feedback. I am confident it will make an impact and difference in the trajectory of DeepTarget.”
Preetha Pulusani
CEO/Founder – DeepTarget

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