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CEO Netweavers (CEON) is a nonprofit organization consisting of a community of current and past CEO’s, Executives, Trusted Advisors and Entrepreneurs committed to freely sharing knowledge, skills and developing trusted relationships. The pillars of the organization are based on transforming business and enriching lives through Paying-it-Forward, Servant Leadership and supporting each other. Our mission is to place the needs of others first. We use our experience and expertise in several ways including giving business leaders access to CEON members to solve problems; serving as mentors to Rice university Executive MBA students, and building trusted relationships with outer members. We are inclusive in our approach, seeking to ensure diversity and equality in all that we do to help the broadest community of people. Every member joins the groups to help others succeed. We are privileged to have Bob Littell, author, and originator of the term Netweaving, as a founding member and contributor to both the Atlanta and Houston Chapters. Bob generously gave the rights to use the term Netweavers to promote a Pay-it-Forward culture.


For questions or more information, please reach out to us at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org

Core Values

“Transforming business and enriching lives through servant leadership”

The Servant Leadership philosophy places the emphasis on the needs of others first by promoting the well-being of those around them. The servant leader demonstrates the characteristics of empathy, listening, stewardship and commitment to personal growth towards others. Servant Leadership is at the core of every CEO Netweaver.

“Follow-up and follow through”

The term “Netweaving” is the process of serving as the strategic matchmaker and acting as a willing resource provider for others.

Netweaving works because: it builds your personal brand as someone people should know; it instills an unintended sense of obligation by the recipient to assist others; and, it improves the attitude of all involved.

“Bridges of Trust”

Trusted Relationships are built on mutual respect based upon the authentic and accountable connections of individuals, personal integrity, confidentiality, candor and self-respect. In a professional setting the individuals in these trusted relationships

Houston Chapter

Our organization is governed by an Operating Committee providing many opportunities for members to get involved, to make an impact, and to engage with other members of the CEO-Netweavers community.

For questions or more information, please reach out to us at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org

HOUSTON Chapter Operating Committee Members

John Vandy
Past President
Bodene Orr
Les Kelso
Membership Committee Chair
Lawrence Jacobs
Program Committee Chair
Trisha Barita
CEO Inflection Point
Mentoring Chair
John Nguyen
Book Club
Lawrence Jacobs

Get Involved On One of Our Committees
Contact us at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org


Inflection Point 

CEO Inflection Point (CEO-IP) is one of the programs that underscore our commitment to the business community. At any point in the life of a business, there are inflection points in which the direction of the organization can or needs to change. It is at these inflection points where CEO Netweaver members can be most helpful. CEO-IP offers a structured, interactive environment in which a business leader meets with a group of CEO Netweavers serving as an advisory panel.  During these multiple sessions, the advisors and the company’s CEO openly exchange ideas to help the company address the obstacles that they are currently facing to help them grow and prosper.

Inflection Point Application

Annual Book Club

This annual special event brings together many passionate readers providing diversity of perspective and integrating those perspectives into a meaningful whole.  Gain insights into trends from the summary of selected books, deepen your knowledge, and forge life-long collaborations with colleagues and fellow Netweavers.

Please contact our Annual Book Club Chair, Lawrence Jacobs by email at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org.

Mentoring – Bridging the Gap

Through a co-developed program with the Jones Business School Executive MBA program at Rice University, CEO Netweavers members volunteer as mentors to all second year Executive MBA students. Bridging the Gap is an initiative to connect EMBA students with corporate and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and retired executives for the sharing of leadership insight through mentoring relationships. Among other things, the EMBA mentoring program provides each student with a trusted advisor that provides a long-term career perspective on topics selected by the student. Students and Mentors are carefully matched and meet regularly throughout the academic year.

Aligned with the Servant Leadership philosophy, the mentoring program aims to create lasting, mutually beneficial “bridges” that promote knowledge sharing, personal and professional growth, community building, and leadership development.

If you would like to further explore your interest in becoming part of our organization, please contact our Mentoring Program Chair, John Nguyen by email at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org.

Mentor Feedback Form


We enjoy partnerships with other organizations committed to the Servant Leadership model. Our first formal partnership is with the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, headquartered in Atlanta.

We are also interested in additional partnerships. Please email us at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org.


Chapter Meetings

CEO Netweavers’ monthly gatherings are educational meetings and programs targeting senior executives and their advisors who desire to build relationships and foster Servant Leaders within their organizations for higher performance. 

CEO Netweavers hold monthly Chapter meetings attended by its members and invited guests on the fourth Thursday of each month. The meetings begin at 7:30 a.m. with networking followed by a program beginning at 8:00 a.m. Speakers are invited to present relevant topics that provide members with professional development. Meetings conclude promptly at 9:00 a.m. and often times small groups continue the discussion after the meeting and look for opportunities to Netweaver.

CEO Netweavers – Other awesome opportunities to get involved.

Member Programs (Investing in each other)

Lunch with a Purpose: Get to know other members in a small roundtable luncheon with facilitated discussion topics.
When: Periodically (Check CEO Netweavers monthly Newsletter for dates and location)
Contact us at houstonchapterinfo@ceonetweavers.org

Membership Agreement

Practices and Policies for Communicating and Exchanging Information Among Members

The CEO Netweavers Brand epitomizes integrity and trust, helping others first, and servant leadership. For those reasons it is priceless. Every Member shares a duty and care responsibility to protect our brand and the values of our organization across the myriad of ways we communicate and exchange information. CEO Netweavers has a set of written policies to guide us.

The primary areas of concern that these policies address and seek to avoid are:

Comments or language considered unprofessional, harassment, biased or unethical

Use of these resources to overtly promote one’s own business or other interests

Undermining CEO Netweavers reputation for trust and integrity through a violation of confidentiality, copyright or intellectual property privileges

Implied association, criticism or endorsement by CEO Netweavers of any political or religious individual or initiative.

We live in a time where one comment can erupt into a firestorm in a matter of minutes, where we are moving so fast that we may not pause to think about the consequences, and where damage can be done in seconds yet take years to repair. We also live in an era where CEO’s understand that risk management is a very important topic. Please help us by always keeping three basic policies in mind:

Information Policy – Our Members provide personal information to get to know and help others – through conversation and through our CEO Netweavers roster. It is strictly confidential within our organization, and not intended for business development or solicitation for any cause. We also enjoy a trusted community where we can freely discuss business issues. Inappropriate use by Members or distribution to anyone not a Member is not acceptable.

Mutual Respect and Professional Behavior Policy – Speak in the first person, add value, be thoughtful about how you present yourself. Avoid any language that can be considered harassment, unethical, unprofessional or socially improper.

Web and Social Networking Policy – Any social networking site utilizing the CEO Netweavers logo and brand must publish and adhere to these policies, and use must be limited to CEO Netweaver and Netweaver Partner Members in good standing. Administrative Control must be ceded to CEO Netweavers to insure compliance on both points.

CEO Netweavers reserves the right to immediately remove or alter any information not consistent with these policies, to disable a Member’s access to the CEO Netweaver website and any social networking platform utilizing the CEO Netweaver brand, and to discontinue the membership of the individual for serious or repeat violations of these policies.

Why Join?

Members of CEO Netweavers are a trusted and caring group seeking to “Pay-It-Forward” and give back to individuals who are genuinely seeking to help each other.  We interact by getting to know each other and considering ways we may connect each other with colleagues who may be helpful, without any expectation of getting something in return.  We think this is rare in the world today.

As with any organization, you should be asking yourself “Why should I join CEO Netweavers? What does this organization bring that I am not currently experiencing in other organizations that I am involved with?”

Well, CEO Netweavers (CEON) offers CEO’s various channels of impact and involvement within the Houston business community.

CEON offers you a trusted community and environment where CEO’s can associate and have substantive discussions on topics they are specifically interested in or specific challenges they are encountering.

CEON provides opportunities to fulfill members’ desire to “give back” by using our knowledge, insight and experience to help other businesses and leaders solve problems and challenges.

CEON members model and teach Servant Leadership.

CEON offers exposure to high quality speakers on relevant topics.

These are all of the ways that we engage and enrich each other’s membership and businesses.

Thank you for your interest in CEO Netweavers.

Please refer to the FAQs for additional information on our organization and our Outreach Programs for the various ways our members support the business community.

If you would like to further explore your interest in becoming part of our organization, please contact our Executive Director, Pat Hurston, by email at pat@ceonetweavers.org.