How a CEO Improved His Communications Skills to Grow His Business

By Steven Munro
As the chief executive officer of Transportation Insurance Experts (TIE), an insurance brokerage firm for the trucking industry, Steven Munro has a goal of growing his company’s sales to $100 million by the end of fiscal year 2022.

TIE is an insurance brokerage firm for the trucking industry, serving as the intermediary between retail agents and insurance carriers. When Steven Munro approached CEO Netweavers, he sought help in three areas: becoming a better business leader; thinking more strategically and delivering information in a concise way to his team and his customers.

CEO Netweavers is a nonprofit organization consisting of current and former chief executive officers and other C-suite leaders that lend their expertise to a wide variety of companies. Steven met multiple times with the group’s Inflection Point (IP) panel, a group which included experts in technology, operations, finance, and other business functions.

In this case, the IP panel recommended an unusual approach. The group studied TIE’s business, market position, technology development, and strategic goals. The sessions focused on guiding Steven through the crafting and delivery of key messages for several stakeholder audiences. These efforts involved role-playing exercises to provide Steven new communication techniques and insights.

“We wanted to help Steven understand how the information he is delivering every day is heard by others,” Jim Kelly IP panel coordinator said. “By focusing on his key messages and audience, he understood how his presentation style and delivery resonated with others and help his team rally around his vision for the company and its strategic goals.”
The panel asked Steven to create a fictitious meeting where he spoke about his vision for the company. This session aimed to help his team members understand and be engaged with this vision.

In part two, Steven was asked to deliver a presentation on launching a new product. He received feedback about his presentation style that helped expand his ideas about selling to customers.
Steven was able to quickly use his role-playing experience with his company. TIE recently launched a new customer-facing platform, which is uncommon in his segment of the insurance industry. He asked people who do not work in the industry to test the software and as a result changed some features after finding out it needed to be easier to use.

Steven is also using the information gained from the coaching to improve how he communicates with everyone in his organization. “I’ve used the training to help drive my team’s performance, both in sales and administration. In turn, I’ve received important feedback from them on how we can improve our presentations to launch new products.”

Jim says Steven’s focus on improving internal communications was an unusual twist for CEO Netweavers. Nearly all chief executives coming to the organization for assistance are seeking to improve their revenues and determine how to get to the next phase of their growth.
“In this case, helping Steven refine his vision and improve his communications skills will ultimately have an impact on the bottom line,” Jim said. “We’re hopeful Steven can use these skills for several years to come and help him reach his goal of $100 million in revenues by the end of 2022.”