Noonday Sets a New Growth Path

By Daryl Price

I’m the chief executive officer of The Noonday Baptist Association, a diverse network of 127 churches in metro Atlanta. I recently worked with CEO Netweavers and its Inflection Point panel to explore recommendations to grow the organization.
Several key initiatives were birthed from our meeting that may be able to help us rejuvenate the organization and put it on a path for solid growth. Our meetings focused on four key topics:

• How to develop and improve revenue streams to help the company grow;
• How to develop a new strategy for the organization and how to communicate it;
• How to make the shift from manager to chief executive officer;
• How to finalize a rebrand of the organization.

After several meetings and lots of soul searching, I’ve started to implement some of the panel’s recommendations. For others, a task force of Church leaders has been formed to explore the new proposals and determine how to best implement them. Here’s where we ended up:
Ideas for Financial Growth: The panel provided insight and ideas for additional income streams. Before Inflection point we had never applied for grants from other sources for our ministry. We have applied for and received over $50,000 from three different sources to expand our ability to help our churches serve their communities. We anticipate another $100,000 in the 2nd Quarter of 2020.

We also implemented a task force to look at financials in five different dimensions. These dimensions are Church Income, Other sources of income, Designated funds, Financial reporting and Staffing. This task force is made up of seven people but there’s larger group of 21 leaders looking at these aspects that will be making recommendations for us to pivot and use this inflection point to be more agile and able to grow to the next level.

Strategy and Communications: Our task force is working on this specifically targeting some internal and external metrics and reports to help us aim and execute a communication plan. This is a major undertaking. It is nice but not good when people tell us “we are the best kept secret for helping churches.” Our Metrics are being tied to our four core vales of Care, Coach, Connect and Collaborate. Our team has been recording data that allows our communication team to have working files to develop and promote the Association.

Shifting from Manager to CEO: The IP Panel recommended that I take a Value Index Test. This new way to measure my skills provided enormous insight and provided specific ways to give me feedback. I used this feedback to pivot some reporting metrics and also will use this to restructure the organization. The insights and team dynamics the test revealed has allowed me to see ways to staff around my weaknesses. I have two leaders taking the administrative load off me so I can work on vision fulfillment and expanding the organization.

Rebrand and Strategy: The Inflection Point Panel helped me accomplish my goal to reshape structure, budget and services. This team gave me insight, instruction and instilled in me a conviction to lead boldly. Their insights from an outside perspective saw such beauty and hidden potential. They identified ways we have not capitalized or strategically leveraged some of our strengths. One thing they recommended is to look at other organizations in our area of service, this external survey also revealed many strengths that we underestimated. I have a clear outlook, plan and path for the future even in the midst of the fluid conditions of COVID 19. I am far better and better prepared to lead in these COVID 19 crazy days because of these men investing in me.