By Mollye Rhea Since starting For Momentum, a cause marketing firm, 16 years ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to build a national client base and exceed my goals for revenue growth. But as I looked to the future, I also wanted to solve several challenges that can beguile many growing businesses. For example, I wanted to make changes to my organizational structure while developing a more disciplined growth plan. To get the help I needed, I turned to CEO Netweavers. As background, For Momentum builds partnerships between companies and nonprofit organizations seeking to promote a specific social cause. Corporate Responsibility Magazine has recognized For Momentum as one of the top five cause marketing firms in the United States. Our nonprofit clients have included The American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club of America and Habitat for Humanity. Our corporate clients have included several companies with $1 billion or more in sales, such as Novartis, Dunkin’ Brands and Viacom. But like many CEOs, I can benefit from the counsel of peers when trying to solve a problem – but there aren’t many peers who aren’t competitors. That’s where CEO Netweavers helps. It’s a unique organization consisting of current and former chief executive officers and other C-suite leaders that offer their expertise to a wide variety of companies at an inflection point in their growth. At no cost, the group provides a “board of directors” approach for other CEOs by assembling a team of six to eight professionals well-versed in technology, operations, finance, marketing and other important departments. Aptly named, its Inflection Point panel works closely with any business leader. In my case the group helped me address several key questions to help position me for my next stage of growth. I initially approached the group to help with these things: • A new organizational structure for my growing agency; • A growth plan for at least the next three years; • How to improve the firm’s value. In our initial meeting, the group provided some meaningful insight that helped me re-shape my goals. As a result, I realized that I needed to make some key staff changes, as well as assign new roles and responsibilities for others. The organizational structure was changed to reflect new responsibilities for people in operations and customer service. Mark Bachmann, CEO Netweavers’ president, spent several hours with us to help re-scope team responsibilities. We have now hired a senior operations executive that I believe will help take the firm to a new level. Just as important, the panel had a significant impact on my plans to super charge my agency’s growth plan. Instead of trying to double or triple revenues in a short period, the group convinced to take a more moderate approach to growth. I was advised that trying to super-charge our growth could easily have a major impact on the company’s culture – and probably in an unfavorable way. I think our culture is a special part of the company, who we are, and it contributes to our success. As a result, I’ve modified the company’s growth plan. So, while our growth goals are still aggressive, I’ve “right-sized” my growth plan to 15 percent for 2019 and 30 percent for 2020. In the end, I received a ton of perspective on a variety of topics that otherwise simply isn’t available elsewhere. Possibly the biggest “a ha” moment from the whole experience was when one of the panelists said something like: “You’ve got a pretty awesome agency. If you decide to grow significantly, the culture will have to change. You can grow significantly if you decide to, or you can keep your agency culture intact with more modest growth.” For other CEOs seeking help on how to recalibrate their firm, the Inflection Point panel can help provide a fresh perspective and generate ideas for future growth. The group helped me better understand how to get the most from my talented team and validate the value of my firm.